Bianca Fenge-Krug
Bianca Fenge-Krug

About me

My work:

At the moment I am mainly painting with acrylic colors on canvas.

I am fascinated by nature in all it's colors and shapes. That's why I love to paint flowers.

I feel like I have a personal relationship to each flower that I paint. This feeling is very

important for my work, since I let my energy flow into each painting. Some paintings need

 a lot of time to develop into it's final stage.

About a year ago I started to paint on driftwood which I find at the Elberiver. On the wood, which I painted, you will see the soul of the trees to which the wood originally belonged to. I was'nt allowed to just paint flowers onto the wood, the wood wanted me to show it's soul. Maybe to make us aware, that trees have souls too. They are living creatures, just like us. And they remember. There soul is insrcibed into each and every cell of their wooden body.



before I became a fulltime artist, I worked 7 years as a freelance teacher, at the 'Kunstschule Alsterdamm Hamburg', which is a private professional school for advertising and design.

Before that I worked as an executive artdirector for Leo Burnett Chicago, also for 7 years.

I studied in Hamburg at the University ( british and american literatur and the history of fine arts).

At the same time I studied at the 'Kunstschule Alsterdamm' where I graduated as a Grafic Designer in 1988. I had one more year of advanced studies at the 'Portfolio Center' in Atlanta  (financed by a scholarship),where I graduated as an art director in 1989.


I am living in Hamburg with my husband and two children.

There is an artclass taking place in my studio now. Please contact me if you want to join.



I have been and will, regularly exhibit my work. You will find this updated on my page here.


You can buy any of my work shown here or at the exhibition. You can also order your

personal painting.


A Catalog exists now which you can buy for 12 € (+shipping).


Discover new paintings on this website.